Preconstruction Services

MLC SVCS defines the project scope, cost, and schedule as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and money.

  • Project Delivery Planning and Scheduling
  • Design and Construction Team Development and Selection
  • Contract Scope Development and Administration
  • Design Development and Option Reviews
  • Building Permit Procurement

Construction Services

MLC SVCS provides management through the construction phase, assuring that the entire project team remains aligned with the Owner's priorities throughout the course of the project.

  • Contractor Payment Application Reviews for Lenders, Architects, Owners
  • Quality Control Reviews
  • Project Documentation
  • Change Order Evaluations and Negotiations
  • Construction Progress Validating
  • Owner Representation throughout the Construction Project
  • Construction Management and Administration

Project Completion Services

MLC SVCS verifies the project completes in a complete and timely fashion, making sure our Owners receive everything they are paying for.

  • 11-month Warranty Walk-throughs
  • Project Closeout and Commissioning
  • Retainer Release Review
  • Bank Documentation

Since 1993

Managing Your Project So You Can                       Grow Your Business

MLC SVCS offers 35 years of commercial construction experience and industry knowledge representing business Owners. This affords Owners the ability to maintain their daily business without overextending in-house resources to manage their construction projects.  Owners who don't have knowledgeable construction personnel or available in-house resources to manage a fast-paced construction project efficiently will benefit from the flexibility of hiring MLC SVCS to oversee their project.

MLC SVCS is committed to bringing a much-needed know-how to your project, simplifying the overall process for the Owner, Architect, and Contractor while watching out for the Owner's best interest.


Next Steps...

Have a project and don't know where to start?  Need help managing a current project?  Are you struggling with an idea?  MLC SVCS is available to help in any stage of your process.